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An alumnus of the Swinburne University of Technology, his stint (Stretch) in Australia, New Zealand, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai brought Mr. Nivedan Nempe back to his motherland, India, to discover aboriginal methods and offer the world a unique product rich in Indian culture and heritage. Mr. Nivedan’s knowledge about Areca, the crop and the number of farmers dependant on it in the Malenadu Region of Karnataka  made him tap the goodness of this berry in order to shift its consumption pattern from an after meal refresher to a beverage. A pharmacist himself, his research on Areca’s properties and phyto-chemistry threw light on the many chemicals present in it. What followed was product development and towards the end, Nivedan stood ready to offer the world, the goodness of Areca in a tea cup.

Green Remedies is value based company manufacturing and marketing authentic Ayurvedic medicines since 2003.We are based at Udupi, a beautiful city in Coastal Karnataka. Green Remedies is engaged in propagating all high quality natural products that are integral part of Indian culture. Our company is actively involved in Research and Development of new and existing natural products. We are one of the fast growing companies and we are planning to become PAN India Company by 2025. Green Remedies is constantly and passionately working on bringing many more natural products for improving the Quality of Life. We as a company are proud to be the part of Indian Tradition and Culture.


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