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Areca Tea has multiple health benefits such as:

  1. It has more antioxidants than any other teas
  2. It helps you in digestion and also acts an excellent appetizer
  3. It has wonderful qualities in it, which helps in detaining the wrinkling of the skin.
  4. Uplifting taste with refreshing after feel!
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Areca Tea is made using processed, naturally grown Areca Nut. A patented processing method is used to extract active molecules from areca nut and converted into a hot beverage named as ARECA TEA. Areca Tea is known for its health benefits. It is already helping lots of people in health issues like Acidity, Gastritis, and has given good results for Diabetic people. Areca Tea is naturally sweet to taste and is rich in Anti-Oxidant, rich in Proline and contains HIGHEST natural Anti Aging molecules which are present only in Areca Nut among 150 medicinal plants. Just Two cups of Areca Tea in a day for at least three months will give you the best results. Thousands of customers are extremely happy with its results and have recommended it to their friends and family. Areca Tea comes in individual Tea bags sealed for Freshness!

Come and Explore the taste of wellbeing with our Healthy, Tasty, Refreshing Areca Tea!

11 reviews for REGULAR ARECA TEA – 30’s

  1. Shreyas Gowda

    I have been using Areca tea since the last few days and I found solution for gastric

  2. Nagaraj Shettar

    Taste it once you feel bitter
    Taste it twice you feel better
    Taste it thrice you feel HEALTHIER

  3. Darshan Veershetty

    I have been Areca tea since the last few days and I can tell you with confidence that I will buying
    more of these. Earlier I used to have sencha green tea, though it was good, Areca tea is infinitely
    better. I feel immensely fresh and focused after a cup of Areca tea.

  4. Mohana Kumara

    Drink Areca Tea, do not skip, Health Benefits are a lot. It will reduce sugar levels and keep us
    healthy. Do not miss

  5. Akshat Hegde

    Great product with excellent taste which is also very good for health it’s full of natural elements true
    natural product. natural Tea for good health.

  6. Prajwal J Ujjal

    A wonderful product, had given it a try just as an alternative for the current normal tea, also my
    parents wanted to try it for its acclaimed health benefits. But after using it for a week I did feel the
    change within me and so was the same for my parents. My acidity issue is completely gone,
    parents are also feeling the same including control over Blood sugar. Have suggested it to few of
    my friends and they even loved it. Surely worth a try for all the Tea guzzlers, for a better health.
    The best part of the team is their swift response, had some issues with the delivery of my first
    package, due to slack by the courier guys, so had reached out to the Areca team, and immediately
    got response and within a day or two the delivery had reached me, as mentioned by the team in
    their communication. Have already booked my orders from their website and have been getting the
    deliveries within 2-3 days, which is really pleasant thing.

  7. Saraja Puranik

    I’m having the areca since last 3+ years. Everyone in my family loves the taste of areca tea

  8. Shivaramaiah H C Shivaramaiah

    I’m also taking this areca tea my sugar level is normal

  9. Suresh

    I want this product

  10. Areca Tea

    arecatea (verified owner)

    Kindly contact us at 6361008174 anytime between 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on Weekdays and we will be available to provide you with information and any assistance you may need regarding the same.

  11. Arjun Reddy

    Areca Tea is really Unique and Refreshing. Thank you for such a Product.

  12. Ashit

    Awesome Product. Regular use helps control diabetes.

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