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About Nevedan Nempe – The Founder of Areca Tea

Nivedan Nempe, the creator of Areca Tea was born in the southern part of India, in a village called Mandagadde, located in the district of Shivamogga, Karnataka. He did his schooling from the Govt. Primary and High School of Mandagadde and pursued a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from the National College of Pharmacy in Shivamogga.

Impressed by a paper which he presented at the International Pharma Conference at Gulbarga, The Swinburne University of Technology for higher education in Goods Manufacturing and Management Technology opened its doors for him for higher studies. After having completed his post-graduation at the Swinburne, his job as a Business Development Consultant took him across Australia, New Zealand, Hong-Kong, Bangkok and Singapore. Nivedan also had a stint as a consultant in Dubai but the love for his motherland and an ambition to serve his country brought him back to India and to the village where he was born.

Nivedan started a company called Mystic Aromatics and began manufacturing recycled paper air fresheners alongside doing agricultural product developments. His aim was to help the agricultural community, mainly the farmers produce to be put to use in different ways apart from the conventional consumption of the same. One such produce that attracted Nivedan’s attention was Areca Nut.

Farmers in the region of the Malenadu where Nivedan was born, depend on Areca Nut for their livelihoods. As per the statistics that he collected, over 5 lakh families were dependent upon Areca Nut cultivation and this triggered the thought of an alternate value added product development. As a pharmacist, Nivedan started working on the photo-chemistry of Areca Nut and sent it to various labs for chemical identifications. In the meanwhile, he collected research papers published on Areca and found that it contains aqueous tannins and many useful chemicals such as anti-oxidants, Proline (Amino Acids) and digestive enzyme enhancing agents. With all the information he had gathered he started working on a new product. Extracting tannins from Areca and aided by his research, Nivedan introduced a new product to the world of tea lovers – Areca Tea. The modernization took 3 to 4 months and Areca Tea Bags went out to the market. He thanks the media for helping Areca Tea gain popularity and taking it to the international level

The AITMC (All India Technical Management Council) under ‘Make in India Excellence Award’ recognized his research and awarded Areca Tea as ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ for 2014-15. With an FSSAI Certificate for production of Areca Tea Nivedan has also received Intellectual Property Rights from the Patenting Authority.

The love for his nation urges him to work harder everyday so that he can give something back to the land where he was born. A fact that Delegates from China visited him to discuss value added product development from Areca has made him feel proud that he has made people sit up and notice this development made in India. He encourages students to do the same too.

Nivedan is now working on innovate more by-products of Areca Nut, to further enhance the farmers to grow this crop economically. His dream is to present to the world an array of creations which upholds Indian heritage.

MYSTIC AROMATICS (Manufacturers)

Mystic Aromatics is a pioneer company which was established in 2013 in the beautiful town of Mandagadde (Shimogga District, Karnataka). Our company, which initially began with producing perfumery products, went on to spread its wings in various segments through its Research and Development work. Over the years, Mystic Aromatics has bagged 6 national awards for its creative inventions across different sectors. We have associations with Companies in various segments not only in the country but across the globe. Mystic Aromatics strives to give you the best quality products to ease living standards with its creative innovations.

Areca Tea

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