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Apart from having all the benefits of REGULAR Areca Tea flavor, the spicy taste of Ginger Areca Tea benefits in:

  1. Reducing cough and cold
  2. Aids in digestion
  3. Has high anti inflammatory properties
  4. Aids in weight Loss and
  5. Reduces muscle pain and soreness


Areca Tea is made using processed, naturally grown Areca Nut. A patented processing method is used to extract active molecules from areca nut and converted into a hot beverage named as ARECA TEA. Areca Tea is known for its health benefits. It is already helping lots of people in health issues like Acidity, Gastritis, and Cholesterol and has given best results for Diabetic people. Areca Tea is naturally sweet to taste and is rich in Anti-Oxidant, rich in Proline and contains HIGHEST natural Anti Aging molecules which are present only in Areca Nut among 150 medicinal plants. Just Two cups of Areca Tea in a day for at least three months will give you the best results. Thousands of customers are extremely happy with its results and have recommended it to their friends and family. Areca Tea comes in individual Tea bags sealed for Freshness!

Come and Explore the taste of wellbeing with our Healthy, Tasty, Refreshing Areca Tea!

4 reviews for GINGER ARECA TEA – 10’s

  1. Areca Tea


    Best Ginger

  2. Meghana Kamath

    Tried Areca tea on my foodie friend’s recommendation and I must say now I am addicted to it.
    Working from has become less stressfull and I highly recommend it to my family and friends. Tried
    ginger and lemon both tastes fab

  3. Ayush Jain

    Ginger areca tea worked wonders! Soothed my cough and cold. A comforting remedy I’ll swear by

  4. ridhi

    A tasty secret for weight loss and muscle relief. It’s my go-to wellness brew

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